The Divine Cross

When visiting the Virginia Tech campus on the 4th Anniversary of that horrific day that changed the lives of so many around the world and set the atmosphere to allow for my ongoing personal tragedy, I was again struck with a glaring omission. Not only are officials in this community continuing to ignore the reality that the 33rd life killed on 04-16-07 was also a Virginia Tech student and member of the Hokie Nation, but many continue to deny a particular symbol that they even find offensive. This symbol is one that millions, if not billions around the world will particularly remember this very week. This symbol is one even daily worn around the necks of thousands of people and one found in nearly every cemetery. It represents victory and forgiveness as well as death and suffering. It is the symbol found represented in the black hole center of the incredible Whirlpool Galaxy, as well as through the cell adhesion molecule (Laminin) that holds our bodies together. It is the cross, made more common and even popular with many because of The Divine Cross.


Despite the popularity of this important and influential symbol, the cross remains an offense to many people. When understood through its historical usage, the cross indeed is a horrific thing. Crucifixion was a torture perfected by the Romans and used as a means of signifying and even forcing submission to Rome. The cross was a method of slowly killing the one hanging on it as they gasped for every breath in agony and suffering. Some people find this or any type of torture or shedding of blood offensive and seek to ignore or avoid any representation of or even talking about such a thing. It is interesting that the arts along with many video games, television and movies often focus on various expressions of violence. Like it or not, violence is a harsh reality in this world and is regularly expressed as a negative aspect of human nature, particularly when any people are not held accountable and tempered by the rule of law and justice. The cross is just one of many symbols and expressions of violence, yet the cross is even more offensive to people who do not accept The Divine Cross. This is offensive, because it represents belief in and submission to the Creator GOD.


Why do you think that the War Memorial Chapel at Virginia Tech, a place set apart for reflection and prayer, contains no sign of a cross anywhere in the building—not contained in or around the framed pictures along the walls, on the statues engraved at the front or even on the platform or anywhere around the altar? Why do you think that the 32 stones memorializing the victims (incidentally, students spontaneously set out 33 stones in the immediate aftermath of 04-16-07) contain no crosses, even for the many victims who clearly professed faith in Christ? The cross is offensive. It is primarily offensive to the academic world, because it contradicts humanism. There is more to this than the historically ignorant position attempting to cleanse any institution of government from establishing a particular religion. The Divine Cross hits at the heart of the problem— people attempting to uplift man and trying to be accountable to only their own selves and not to The Creator GOD, Who became a Man and allowed Himself to be sacrificed on that Divine Cross as the Savior from sin.


Suffering is a difficult reality that we all must face. Disasters in nature happen all the time, just as so many recently have experienced through earthquakes and tsunamis around the world or floods in various regions and the many storms and tornadoes that have recently been raging around the United States. Tragically, many were even killed from the recent devastating tornadoes in North Carolina (at least 22 there), and several other States. Why do you think there has been so much severe weather and natural disasters lately? What will it take to get our collective attention? Will it take more natural disasters? Perhaps it will take more economic hardship or even personal tragedy to get our attention? Maybe 9-11-01 wasn’t enough and those of us in the U.S., along with others in the world, will have to experience more terrorist attacks? Because the Sovereign plan of the Creator GOD has included The Divine Cross, disasters and death and suffering will remain a part of our life experiences until Peace truly comes to the world. When tragic things increase, however (and whenever they individually happen), we should seek after the Creator GOD and consider whether our actions, or lack thereof, are a part of the reasons why devastating things are happening.


Consider what it took for the proud and rebellious Nation of Israel to turn and repent to follow GOD and His ways: “When He slew them, then they sought Him, And they returned and sought earnestly for God” (Psalm 78:34). Please think on these things and come to find victory and forgiveness through The Divine Cross!

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