Human Intelligence?

Give credit where credit is due! I KNOW that the news today is FAR MORE than the result of what is being called “a direct result of human intelligence.” Brave humans fighting for truth, justice and the American way were indeed involved, yet it was the CREATOR GOD HIMSELF, Whom I and my struggling friend specifically petitioned on 03-09-11, Who heard and answered our particular prayer and brought about the death of Usama Bin Laden at about 3:30pm Eastern Standard Time on 05-01-11 (8 days from the 60 day deadline of 05-09-11 we had prayed about 😉). It is being said that around a total of 40 Americans (24 Navy Seals) were involved in this well planned operation and 4 helicopters with Special Operation Navy Seals were there (though one helicopter crashed and was destroyed due to mechanical difficulties). People around America and even on many of our college campuses are even now ecstatic and celebrating this victory and point of closure regarding 09-11-01. The “world’s most wanted terrorist” is now dead and GOD, not man or “human intelligence,” is the Primary Reason for this and HE should be given the Glory!


The CREATOR GOD has control of our life and death and every breath that we take! No medical doctor or other intelligent human being has the ability to bring about life and human intelligence can only sustain life to a certain point. GOD the SON is the CREATOR and HE controls life and death and sustains or holds all things together by His Awesome Power (see Colossians 1:16-17). GOD will indeed bring about Divine Justice in all things in His time and HE even does so in ways around this world every day. HE has control of making the earth shake or not and where and how strong the wind blows. Just as I wrote about after the local tornado in my area (before greater and record breaking tornado outbreaks the rest of April), the LORD has HIS way in the whirlwinds (tornados) and with where and how much precipitation falls (see that 04-11-11 Blog article: “Facing or Fearing Life’s Storms?). We dare not think we can control any of this or that merely natural processes do so. JESUS CHRIST is The WORD and not a mere man. HE is the Mighty CREATOR of all things and it is HIS Wisdom and not human intelligence or wisdom that controls all things. We had best learn to depend upon HIM to help us in any of our human operations and to keep us safe from future terrorist attacks or through disasters and tragedies!

Suffering and death is the stark reality that makes little sense to that human intelligence that seeks to explain all things naturally and from only human perspectives. I write about these things regularly and I discuss this important subject at the beginning of the second part of my book. This world is a fallen world, so there will be death and suffering until the curse of sin upon the world is removed. No matter how smart or intelligent we think we are, we human beings are simply unable to bring peace to the whole world. JESUS CHRIST, the Prince of Peace will bring true peace when HE comes again. As the CREATOR, HE will bring true unity and personal peace to any who put their trust in HIM and not academia or human intelligence.

So, at this incredible time in human history and following the news of this monumental event that is having an incredible impact in the intelligencia of this Great Country of America and with so many others all over the world, remember that the answer to how this 10 plus year “world’s most wanted fugitive” finally being found, captured and brought to justice, goes far beyond human intelligence. It is indeed a great answer to the prayers of so many, especially since 09-11-01, and an even more direct answer to the specific appeal that my friend and I made to the CREATOR (and my sharing this with many others specifically praying for me and the situation of my personal tragedy following 04-16-07). It was on 03-09-11, when we first appealed to the LORD GOD to show HIMSELF strong on our behalf (consider 2 Chronicles 16:9a) and bring about this very event in history before 05-09-11, that Usama Bin Laden was finally captured and even killed (and my prayer that he would even be offered some grace and another chance to surrender and even repent before his life would be taken) Those brave Navy Seals and other human beings who helped bring this about deserve great credit for their part in this, yet it is the CREATOR GOD, Who deserves the ultimate credit for bringing this about at this time in human history!

Human intelligence or a Sovereign CREATOR GOD Who answers the prayers of his choice servants who trust in HIM? You make the call and contact me or the witnesses I have for this if you want more proof!


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