A FLOOD of Influence!

How ironic it is that at this pivotal point in human history there is record flooding along the great Mississippi River! Water levels at some places in Mississippi and Louisiana have never been recorded to be so high (at least in modern written records). You may have seen some of the pictures of island like houses protected by personal levees with a sea of water surrounding them. You are likely aware that for the first time ever, since a great flood in 1927 led to a system of locks and levees being built to protect against future damage, all three flood control systems were unlocked at the same time to prevent greater flooding in major cities and population areas, such as Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Having some control over the waters of this flood does give more relief to some people, yet it has also led to many interesting political and economic decisions that have been made. Playing off this historic flood that will have repercussions in our Country for many months and perhaps years to come, I am writing about an even Greater FLOOD of far more wide reaching impact than any other catastrophic event in history and a related Flood of influence that particularly began some 50 years ago and continues to have wide reaching impact around the world today.


It was when the late Dr. Henry Morris was serving as the Chairman of the Civil Engineering Department at Virginia Tech, that he, having scientific expertise in hydraulics and the power of water, and a humble and still living preeminent theologian, Dr. John Whitcomb co-authored the ground breaking and most influential book in the world of Academia: The Genesis Flood. Just as these humble and godly authors wrote about and published 50 years ago, it was indeed the great “Mabbul” or catastrophic deluge of a worldwide FLOOD in the days of the biblical man known as Noah, that has had the greatest influence and impact in the world! It is this global FLOOD that has provided the vast majority of the scientific, fossilized specimens that we can observe today. It is this global FLOOD that provided the pressurization of carbon based life that has created the reservoirs of the black gold of oil that we all daily depend on to live and order our lives. It is the global FLOOD, as specifically recorded in Genesis 6-9 and repeated in hundreds of less reliable historical records archaeology has since discovered around the world, which best explains all that we find and can scientifically observe around the world today. What a FLOOD of influence!


Certainly, these areas that are now being flooded along the Mississippi River and its tributaries are likely to produce conditions that will even allow for fossilization of some creatures. In time, discoveries from the upheaval of sediments tossed about in the flood areas will reveal some creatures that were rapidly buried and then fossilized for future observation. Imagine how many fossils would have been formed by a global flood. Well, you don’t have to imagine this because what we observe in the world today is best explained by a flood of waters all over the world! We find fossils in sedimentary rocks. The majority of these are marine fossils. Marine fossils are even found on the tops of mountains and in mountainous regions all over world! These rocks (sedimentary) are not even the type of rocks that can be dated by the radioisotope dating methods used to determine ages. Therefore, any age given to fossils is inferred by an academic geological assumption that the earth is millions of years old, with lower rock layers representing older ages. It is all circular reasoning at best. Room will not allow me to expand this further here, but you can look this up and study it for yourself! You might find that you will come to understand the world in a much different way than how it is popularly understood and how you have likely been taught. The FLOOD of the greatest influence would then come to influence you as it should!


Friends, we live in fascinating and historic times. A flood of conditions in nature and politics and economics should be enough to prove this to you. What will your response be? Let this flood along the Mississippi River and the ongoing effects from it be a reminder to you of what the power of water can do. Let this spur you up to reevaluate your priorities in life and be certain that you are living in tune with your Creator! Please consider and be thankful for the great advances in science and technology, but remember that it was the first global judgment of the Creator GOD that brought about the greatest FLOOD of influence that has so vastly changed the conditions on the earth and Who will soon (though not tomorrow 😜) bring a particularly rough Tribulation judgment on the world. Consider the great and seminal, influential work of Dr’s Henry Morris and John Whitcomb—The Genesis Flood—that gives reasonable scientific and biblical evidence for a global FLOOD. If this fountain of truth then arises in you, it will become a flood of influence to all around you!

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