Fair Grounds

Last Saturday, there was news of yet another incredible weather related tragedy. At least 5 people are now dead and dozens more seriously injured after an encroaching storm whisked its way through the Indiana State Fair Grounds and sent out an area isolated and concentrated burst of fierce wind, suddenly toppling over an enormous stage area. We should be praying for the families of those victims and all who are recovering from this latest tragedy. While meditating on this and the impending 10 year anniversary and commemoration of that horrific National and International Tragedy, 09-11-01, I thought it appropriate to again address this issue that regularly impacts every one of us—Fairness. I dealt with aspects of this in the more recent, 06-07-11 “Just Mercy!” blog entry. In this article, I want to step back a bit, again thinking about Justice and what makes it more possible for the fair grounds in our lives.


Moments in life are often not very fair. This is a stark reality that we all must come to accept. If you do not accept this, the grounds in your heart and life will be filled with anger, resentment and bitterness. Disaster and tragedy, especially when impacting good and innocent people, sets up the testing grounds for us. In fact, it is this very reality of “evil” and lack of fairness in this fallen and often cruel world that deceives many into abandoning their faith. At first blush, bad things happening to good people seems so unjust and contradictory that you come to even doubt that those people were really that good or innocent. It may even lead to your coming to question GOD Himself. The cause and effect or reaping and sowing principle is such a foundational part of life and how natural processes operate that any aberration from this tends to throw us off. How you deal with the momentary injustices in life reveals the type of person that you have chosen and are choosing to be.


Clearly, the reality is that there are many things that happen that just don’t seem right, especially if there is indeed a Holy and Just GOD Who is All-Powerful and Sovereign over His Creation. Is GOD really in control? Is The Creator really All-Powerful? Is HE really All-Good? Will HE really make all things right and bring perfect Justice and fair grounds into this world? Does HE really Care about you and whatever challenges you have going on in your life? Well, the answer to these somewhat rhetorical questions is YES! GOD is Holy and Just and HE is working in the world and HE will make all things right and HE will work all things together for good to those who love Him and respond to His call (see Romans 8:28 and really that whole chapter). The testing grounds are the moments in time that we live and wait for Him to work it all out. Only HE, as the Creator of All, is capable of doing this! This is what the Bible teaches. This belief is really the Only Faith that can give you true Hope (see my 10th in the Top Ten Lessons: “Hope in Faith”), especially when you are faced with the injustices and lack of fairness in this world.


GOD did finally answer the prayers of many to bring about justice for the mastermind of 09-11-01! Contact me if you want to learn further how GOD worked through my own prayers and the plea of another one of His children (see that 05-02-11, “Human Intelligence?” blog entry). It was a long time in our human understanding, but after nearly 10 years, he was brought to justice! It was a very long time for my dear, older sister who was faced with a terrible, life changing tragedy back in 1990. Justice finally did come about only this past Tuesday, when the man victimizing her was sentenced for his crime (21+ years after the fact). Justice will indeed yet come about for me and my own personal tragedy that I am still facing, after the world changing 04-16-07 Virginia Tech Tragedy. Just wait and see all that my GOD and Savior will do here! 😉


Friend, there are fair grounds out there and there will be winds that blow and test the very fabric of our lives. Until GOD fully redeems His Creation, injustices will still occur, especially in moments of time. We each will one day give an account and even be rewarded for where our heart has been and what we have done! Be careful to guard and guide and grow your heart in Faith. Let the Fair Grounds reign!

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