There’s nothing like a once in a lifetime (at least we wish) earthquake to SHAKE UP your thinking! Such was the case for much of the East Coast of the United States on Tuesday afternoon, when a 5.8 Magnitude earthquake centered in Mineral, VA (near Richmond) rumbled into people’s lives from Georgia to Canada. Thankfully, there was only minimal damage, though safety precautions closed down offices and monuments and even nuclear plants. I trust we have learned from the more recent devastating earthquakes in Haiti and Japan (that one, less than 6 months ago). You may even wish to review my 03-16-11 article, “Nuclear Earthquake!” With more thinking about the encroaching 10th anniversary of 09-11-01, that shook up the lives of Americans and people all over the world, some people on Tuesday were initially thinking that quake could be another terrorist attack! Some people on the West Coast, where stronger earthquakes are more common, but also more localized, were mocking the shocking reaction of many on the East Coast. The impact of this shocking earthquake will likely be eclipsed in the minds of most, given that the large and major hurricane Irene is quickly spinning toward a direct hit on the East Coast, and will likely bring far reaching catastrophic damage! While many do tend to overreact to events in life, we should be careful not to make light of the Power behind Nature and realize that there are many more and far more devastating things prophesied to take place! Are you prepared? Does the Creator have your attention and devotion? Do you need to be SHAKEN UP?!


We tend to take so much for granted! We often fail to thank GOD for His Mercy and Grace and His Longsuffering toward us, who are so often failing to honor His Name and follow His ways. While you who are reading this have survived various trials and troubles in your life (we all experience this to at least some degree), are you numbed to a point of pride or mocking or are you living humbly before The Creator? Do you not understand that GOD has the Power over His Creation? Do you understand that you do not ultimately control the beating of your heart or the breath that you take? While we can impact the health that we have, we cannot even always maintain our own health! We certainly have no power to create life from nothing or to keep from that ultimate enemy—death. GOD can do what HE wants to shake up your life! HE can allow your health to falter. HE can allow disease to permeate your body. HE could allow some car to crash into your vehicle or allow some thief to steal from you or physically harm you. HE could allow some evil power to terrorize us or even overtake us! HE is the GOD of Nature and can make the earth quake and do so far more powerfully than a mere 5.8 in comparison!! Do you Fear this GOD? Do you Love Him? Will HE have to shake you personally for you to look up?


It has been 67 years since Virginia has experienced an earthquake of this magnitude. It was 114 years ago, in 1897, that the Blacksburg area (Giles County and Pulaski, too) experienced a series of more powerful quakes. It has been only about 4 ½ years since that world wide impacting horrific tragedy hit the campus of Virginia Tech. That 04-16-07 event tragically took the lives of 33 souls and shook up the lives of hundreds and thousands of others, sending tremors and ripples of impact to campuses all over the world! That event changed my life forever and shook up the atmosphere around me, leading to my personal tragedy, yet that event only served to solidify my faith to draw upon the Strength and Power of The Creator GOD and the Person of the historical Jesus Christ!


Friend, as I noted, there are far more devastating things yet to come. The whole Creation is groaning together, as a woman in labor pains (see Romans 8:19-22). If you want to see even more, just wait until the powers of heaven are shaken, along with the earth (note the Olivet Discourse of Jesus and verses such as Luke 21:26)! If you want to be spared from that Tribulation, then you’d better be prepared! You’d better make sure you have forgiveness from your sin and are ready to stand before your Creator! You had better come to trust in Jesus Christ, whose death shook the earth and shook up the religious system, tearing the veil of the Temple and making direct fellowship with GOD possible! 😉 Are you going to let life shake you down or will you be SHAKEN UP?!

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