Please Always Remember and Acknowledge Your CREATOR GOD!

On this momentous day in the history of our world and this 10th Anniversary of 09-11-01, I ask that you please keep your CREATOR GOD in mind! Remember that JESUS CHRIST is coming again and you must be ready!! Remember that GOD answers the prayers of those who are right and righteous before HIM!!! Remember that it is GOD who answered the prayers of thousands and the specific prayers that I and a few others who joined me in praying about, to bring about Usama Bin Laden’s capture and even his death if he would not repent. The following is the true account of this as GOD brought it about through my life and before 05-09-11 and this 10th Anniversary memorialization on 09-11-11:


It was on the evening of 03-08-11, when a new found former pastor friend and I were talking and reading and praying together, that a somewhat unusual prayer request came about. Since my time of personal tragedy and greater burden to see a wide sweeping REVIVAL, Tuesday evenings have become a special time of publicly setting aside at least an hour to emphasize praying. This night in early March was no different, except that my friend was opening up his heart to me and sharing his struggle to continue in faith, despite tragedy and things not going so well for him. I empathetically listened to his concerns about his own personal tragedy, this being the glue that had also brought us together. We shared and read the Word and prepared to specially pray about all of our concerns.

Just before we began to pray, I asked him, “Shane, what would it take for GOD to show you that HE is Holy and Just and still at work in the world today?” He paused, thinking for a moment and then suddenly blurted out, “If Osama Bin Laden would be captured or killed in 60 days!” A bit surprised by this rather unusual and specific request, I asked him, “Why would you say this?” He replied, “I don’t know, I guess it was just the hardest thing I could think of that came to mind.” I said, “Are you aware of any leads in finding Bin Laden or have you recently heard any news stories?” He said, “No, I haven’t heard anything lately.” I said, “I haven’t either; It has been a long time since I’ve heard anything about this and as far as we know (and what some have actually thought), he could even already be dead.” I hesitated to commit to pray about such an unusual request, yet as I glanced down at the Scriptures we had just read, the LORD gave me peace to pray this way. I said, “O.K., I will commit to pray this way and let this be a test for you and for us to see and be reminded that GOD indeed is Holy and Just and that HE is still at work in this world today.” We poured out our hearts to the LORD about our own tragic situations and brought this special request before HIM as the time slipped past midnight into 03-09-11. I thought, “Indeed, what grace it would be if that by 05-09-11, GOD would answer this special request and bring about this example of justice from that horrific day—09-11-01!”

Wanting to solidify this “test” of faith in my own mind and prayers, I shared this unusual request in a specific email to a group of around 50 people, who I regularly keep updated on all that GOD is doing in my life and how they can help in praying. Several responded, most being hesitant to pray this way. I was uncertain whether I would have many others who were really joining me in praying about this. A couple of weeks later, after a grueling time in Court, my friend moved back down to his home in Florida. We stayed in touch every week or two and I continued to pray for GOD to show HIMSELF Strong and Just and to bring about the capture and/or death of Osama Bin Laden by 05-09-11.

It was the last day of April when my friend suddenly found himself back in Blacksburg, Virginia. He was able to join me at a special Creation Conference commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the church that was started at the beginning of the modern Creation movement. Before we parted that afternoon, I asked him, “Are you still praying about that Osama Bin Laden thing?” He chuckled and said, “I had kind of forgotten about that.” I replied, “I haven’t forgotten; I have still been praying and I am.” Some 24 hours after this conversation, 24 Navy Seals took part in a secret raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Osama Bin Laden had been found and after failing to surrender, he was shot and killed, with his body being taken away. 8 days before the 05-09-11 deadline of this “test” and just after that fresh reminder, the LORD answered our prevailing prayer of faith. May our thrice Holy and Just, Creator GOD be Glorified and Praised!

Accurate and true as told:

Charles R. Pugh     M. Shane Carter

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