Hope Through The Gate of Suffering

If there is one lesson we all need to learn, it is how to Hope through suffering. When things are going well and prosperous for us, we tend to rely on that blessing and not the Giver of all blessings. Suffering is the gate through which we must pass to come to know GOD. This was the gate that GOD Himself had to pass through to realize the Hope that He had laid out in Creation. This is why God the Son, in the Person of Jesus Christ, came and suffered as He did. Can we then hope to find the glorious pathway of blessing through any other gate than the gate through which our Creator passed?


September 11th is a date of testing. It was this date in 2001 that changed the perspective and course of the United States and the rest of the world! The economic world and Trade Center was attacked on that day. Through suffering and loss many have learned and many have even come closer to God. Those learning have hoped through their suffering. Thousands of stories and testimonies of God’s Mercy and Grace have come from those Hoping through the gate of suffering. April 16th is also a date of testing. It was on this day in 2007 that the academic world and way was attacked. Through this tragedy and suffering, much good has come. Thousands of stories of God’s Mercy and Grace have come from those Hoping through this gate of suffering. Academic Institutions around the world have learned and need to continue learning through this tragedy of suffering!


My family, both in the upbringing of the five souls from my parents and personally through the five souls coming from me and my spouse, has often had to pass through the gate of suffering. It is Hope through the gate of suffering where my family’s growth and blessing has come—Hope in GOD’s Personal Presence and the Promises in His Word; Hope in GOD to eventually bring about Ultimate Justice! This is the Hope that has enabled my older sister to endure, having been personally and physically violated some 21 years ago while in college, God recently bringing about some justice after all these years. It is Hope through the gate of suffering that enabled my parents to endure years of separation from their youngest daughter, after the local and State Government wrongly removed her from the home. It is the same Hope that enabled all of my family to cope through the tragic death of my youngest brother, who grew discouraged and secretly took his own life. It is Hope through the gate of suffering, following the 04-16-07 Virginia Tech Tragedy, that has enabled me to endure improper religious and governmental involvement, leading to all of my personal tragedy and ongoing separation from my wife and five dear children. Ultimate Justice will come about and I Hope to be reconciled with all the authorities involved and soon reunited with my estranged wife and children.


When we trust in GOD and His Word and pass with Hope through the gate of suffering, HE may even choose to honor our specific prayers. HE did this for me and a few others joining me in specific prayer when Usama Bin Laden was suddenly found and judged! Just as we prayed, HE brought about some Justice before 05-09-11, to help encourage my struggling pastor friend and all those impacted and suffering after 09-11-01. We all have our own burdens that we must learn to bear. If we desire to fulfill the law of Christ and want to be truly Spiritual, we will indeed be helping others to bear their own burdens. We find Strength to do so from our GOD and Savior, Who Hoped through the Gate of Suffering on the Cross, Conquered the Ultimate enemy—death—and is soon coming again to reconcile all things! HE left us with the Promise of His Spirit and His example of coping and Hoping through the Gate of Suffering!

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