Be Re-solved!

January 2012! According to many in various segments of society, this year is set to be a year of great change. Economic problems in the world and the great debt and obligations that many Countries carry will no doubt add to the winds of change. The United States political election for the Presidency will also add to all of the intensity and upheaval of change and calls for more change. No doubt, you have heard of alignments in space or even the discussion about the Mayans and the interesting ending in their calendar surrounding this date of 12-21-12. Well, I will not take the time to delve into the specifics of all of these claims, but I do want to take this moment in time and deal with something that you likely have considered at the beginning of this year. Do you have goals or expectations? Are you Resolved!?


Life is certainly full of changes and uncertainties. 2011 should be a good reminder of this! There was great upheaval in governments around the world and many long standing regimes have fallen through some uprising or even death, as with the recent passing of the North Korean dictator. There were record devastating tornadoes in this Country and some kind of natural disaster, be it with wind, water, drought, fire or even the shaking of the ground of the earth itself, in every State of America! How could you not notice or be affected by all of these upheavals and changes in the world? Such great changes have the tendency to steel you or steal from you. Will you be fearful with worry and even pushed into hiding or will you be faithful and resolved to go on and stand, no matter what? You will only be steeled or resolved when you refuse to allow the Enemy to steal from you, as you are stilled before the LORD!


Have you already made or are you going to make a resolution for this New Year? If you have or plan to do so, are you resolved to keep it? Failure to keep past resolutions does not mean you should give up your resolve to grow and change and become the best person you can be! Remember that old Army slogan, “Be all you can be!”? 😉 Our ultimate Enemy (the Devil) does not care how he gets you off this course. He will even use good things to get and keep you distracted. He would have you just give up on trying harder, since it has not worked before or since you have failed in your previous efforts. You must not give up or give in. You must give over to the Creator’s control and find strength in Him to try it or go at it again! This is how you re-solve your problems. You have resolve to live through His Power!


What have you lost in this life? Have you lost family or friendships? Have you lost your health or happiness? Are you defeated or determined? Are you only relaxing or are you Resolved!? No matter what you have lost or lose in this life, there is nothing that eternity will not reconcile. GOD will make all things right! HE is a Good Judge and HIS Justice will be done, without favoritism toward anyone! We all have at least some guilt before our Creator! The question there is not what you can do to earn some standing before HIM, but what you have done with The SON, Jesus Christ! If you have trusted in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ (The Gospel or good news) and if you have trusted in tHis work to be the Substitute in payment for your sin and offenses before a Holy and Righteous GOD, then you will be forgiven and saved from the eternal penalty of your sins. Repentance toward GOD and faith in Jesus Christ is the condition. It is for all people. Consider the words (and resolve 😉 ) of the Apostle Paul in Acts 20:21: “Testifying both to the Jews, and also to the Greeks, repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.” Resolve to get this right, even if you fail at all else!


Friend, I have lost much (physically and emotionally), including reputation and fellowship with family and friends, since that terrible tragedy at Virginia Tech on 04-16-07 brought about the conditions for my personal tragedy. It is only by my resolve in HIS Strength and the testimony of His Word that I go on, even through many more trials and further testing to this date. What will it take to get you off track? What will your greatest Enemy and Accuser have to do to defeat you? Will you give up trying, give in to others (opposed to HIM) or give over to HIM? Will you just sit on the sidelines and try to entertain yourself as you can or will you keep working to grow and change to become the best person you can be? Fix the problem, and Be Re-solved!

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