The Sport of ThE-Bowing!

Looking at a title like this, what could I be talking about in this article today? What lessons are there to learn from what has become a talking point for sports people and many other people all over the world? By now, you likely have heard of the controversy surrounding NFL quarterback, Tim Tebow. Many are talking about his many miraculous-like comebacks and end of the game wins this season. Nearly all Sports commentators can’t get enough of a story like this and a chance to offer a variety or opinions and responses. Late night talk show hosts, comedians, politicians and commentators are taking notice and sometimes even mocking Tebow’s public dedication to GOD and his signature of bowing on the field in reverence. The recent playoff game win and first in some time for the Denver Broncos propelled this even further into the mainstream discussions in homes throughout our society and all over the world. Why such interest in this? Why are so many critical and even mocking? There are underlying issues here that I want to address in this article; it has to do what I’ll call “The Sport of ThE-Bowing!”


Sports and competitions of all sorts have been a part of human interaction from our very beginnings. Human beings competing for status and recognition or even survival have led to games and events of all kinds all throughout history. From chariot races to horse races to car races to space races 😉, many compete to be the fastest, the best or the most skilled at a particular event. Olympic games of some sort have been around for thousands of years. Today, soccer is wildly popular all over the world, while the football of another sort 😉 is still more popular in America. No doubt, the NFL Superbowl will again be one of the most publicized and watched games around the world (hence, filled with high paying and entertaining commercials to sway the viewers). Whether or not the Denver Broncos make it to play in this Superbowl game, Tim Tebow, by his private (though, made public) demonstration of bowing before the LORD during his games, has made an incredible impact in the world of sports and through this has demonstrated an important and needed character quality—The Sport of ThE-Bowing!


Like it or not, you have to acknowledge the importance of sports and gaming in our society. Sports have become such a priority for so many and have taken the place of learning and study and even the necessary quieter times needed for healthy relationships. Certainly, skills can be learned and discipline taught (at least to be successful) through training and playing in sporting events, yet often the drive for success or winning in the games takes priority over nearly everything else and pushes aside things that are really more important. How often are parents making sure the children are so involved in some kind of sporting event that the sporting events themselves really determine the schedules and daily direction of that family? How often do they take kids away from needed studies in other areas and from spiritual activities? Yes, it can be and should be fun to play in games and in various sports, yet how easy it is for the desire to succeed and win to control a person’s entire life and attitude and keep them from living and serving others as they should! Sports and competitions themselves are not bad or wrong and it is not wrong to desire to succeed and win. It is wrong to let that drive control you and to feed a spirit of pride that will not consider others before yourself. It is wrong to not bow to the Creator in your attitude in playing any game or sporting event. To play off the incredible success of Tim Tebow (“Tebowing” also becoming somewhat of a catch phrase today), the key to balancing sports with the rest of life is in ThE bowing. Playing off these words further, the key is actually to learn The Sport of ThE-Bowing!


Friend, bowing before the LORD takes work. It, like a sport, is something needing to be learned and practiced. We have an enemy and nature of pride inside, so there is a struggle for us all. Paradoxically, it takes humility to win. It takes accepting what God brings into your life and letting HIM work in you to get personal victory and through you to proclaim Truth and bless others. Scripture teaches (such as in Luke 14:11, 1 Peter 5:5 and James 4:6) that GOD resists the proud, but gives Grace to those who are humble. Learn from Tim Tebow’s passing for 316 yards (31.6 average) and his favorite Bible verse of John 3:16! Learn from his example of bowing in humility to receive Grace. Get victory in your life and practice The Sport of ThE-Bowing to Jesus Christ. One day, all will (see Philippians 2:10-11)!

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