Awarded by the Academy

Perhaps you took time to view the Academy Awards last night or have heard some of the results of what the Academy concluded as the latest, best aspects of movie making and films? There is no doubt that each of us has been impacted by various movies and films throughout our lives, even if only in an indirect way. The Hollywood culture has certainly changed over the years and now puts out more and more violent and sexually permissive material than ever before! Could it be possible that all of what is produced has virtually no impact on the society? To think this, would be incredibly naïve, though many still argue this to be the case in justifying what they produce. All the media proliferation of sexual promiscuity and gratuitous violence certainly does have an impact on the individuals throughout the society! Breaking news of yet another school shooting in Chardon, Ohio this morning will no doubt reveal influences leading to this latest violent outburst (at least five being shot and most in critical condition, one student now having died). While there are some amazing artistic achievements in the film industry, there continue to be serious problems in what is produced. So, what is wrong with the Academy? What could be wrong with the greater academic and educational thinking all over this Country and the rest of the world? Like it or not, we all are being Awarded by the Academy!


Fantasy and imagination is not a bad thing in itself. Many inventions improving our lifestyles with better communication and storing of information, greater mobility and even increased ease in food preparations, have come from those imagining how things might work differently or better. Whenever there is a consensus among people about certain things considered important and true, this information is then taught to others and passed on, typically in some academic setting. Those involved in teaching or in the analysis and even distribution of the information are referred to as the Academy. Hollywood has identified this group of esteemed individuals, referred to as the Academy, to be those who can best determine what should be particularly acknowledged and who should be awarded for their part in what is considered notable achievements. The Academy is thought to be particularly in tune to what is the best and most creative in film and movie making, and they are often some of the best who should know. So, what happens if there is a problem or bias in the objective thinking of the Academy? When the Academy speaks as to what is deemed best, does that make it the best? Should those who are Awarded by the Academy be thinking that they have the ultimate approval for what they have done or produced?


The Academic Institutions all over our Country and all over the world do hold a very important, as well as influential, place in how the greater society goes. Just as how most inventions and breakthroughs can be traced to the influence of some college or university, so most of the problems in a society can also be traced to thinking and teaching in the academic institutions. It goes both ways, revealing the real life impact and influence that academic thinking has. So, who hold the Academy responsible if they seem to be missing something? In America, it is the people that are said to be the ones in charge of their own governments and even academic institutions. The public square, through a free press and the freedom of speech, is supposed to be where truth and what is best wins. Whenever any government, Academy or academic institution oversteps the bounds of truth and freedom, there is the need for individuals in the society to rise up and work for changing back to what is true and best. In America, and other places in the world, we do this by voting and speaking and teaching and writing to persuade and influence the government and even the academic institutions back to what is true and best. Since the Academic institutions of higher learning hold such an important place of awarding influence in the society, it behooves all of us to pay attention to what the Academy is saying and help hold them accountable!


Friend, I have written about these things before. You may wish to review my 06-29-08 blog article: “HIGHER Education” or even my 09-15-09 article, “Academic CORRUPTION.” The basic problem is a lack of acknowledgment of The CREATOR—the ONE WHO made us and this incredibly privileged earth and the Universe where we live, and The ONE WHO sustains it all! HIS Name is YHWH, WHO we know in the Person of JESUS CHRIST! How will you be Awarded by tHE ACADEMY?!

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