Your Super Need!

I need rest…I need money…I need less stress…I need healing…I need a break…I need a better job…I need a new car…I need lower gas prices…I need more help!…I need my medicines…I need more positive relationships…I need more physical release 🙂…I need to know more…I need less conflict…I need a new cell phone…I need a new video game…I need a better computer…I need faster access to the Internet…I need ___(fill in this blank)___! What is it that you need? What is it that your family needs? What is it that this Country needs? What does our world need? On this day following what was deemed “Super Tuesday” for political purposes, and in this week following devastating weather tragedies, killing dozens of people, damaging numerous homes and businesses and leaving many fearful of what natural disasters this year may hold (remember all the natural devastations last year?!), and in this time of aftermath of that latest school shooting in Chardon, Ohio (where three have now passed into eternity and the community is still looking for answers ), there is much that we see that we still need! Whether your life has been turned upside down from forces outside of your control or whether you have had a part in the difficulties you are now facing, your greatest need—Your Super Need—is to know GOD and enjoy Him forever!


Indeed we are a needy people! How many people do you know that are struggling financially (not counting yourself 😉 )? How many people do you know that are addicted to mind altering drugs or alcohol? How many do you know that are dependant upon smoking cigarettes or other narcotics or stimulants in order to help them relieve stress or just try to function and do so more civilly? How many are dependant upon doctors (be they medical or psychological) and beholden to their varied diagnoses? Face it, we need!…we Need!…we NEED!…or do we really? Would your life be just as Super if you lost nearly everything? What if you lost your home? What if you lost your job? What if you lost your family? What if you lost your church fellowship? What if you lost your friends? What if you lost your health? What if you lost your reputation? What might you then need? How would you survive?


Friend, you should think about these things! If you fail to think this through, you will deceive yourself into thinking you need things that you really do not need. You really do not need that much to survive. Most of us could live with far less food than we have. We could live with far less material things than what we have and enjoy (if we really do enjoy them 😲). We would not shrivel up and die if we went without television or radio or playing our favorite games and toys. We would not cease to exist if we lost communication through our phones and social Internet connections like Facebook (though you might think so from reaction and complaining when there is an interruption). You will not die if you have a broken relationship or even if you happen to lose a loved one (though these are real losses and you can lose the will to live). You do not HAVE to have many or even most of the things that you daily enjoy in order to exist! You are a living soul, regardless of the challenges you may have with your body. You are a fearfully and wonderfully made human being (see Psalm 139 [esp. v. 14] )! You live in a fallen, sinful world, yet you have a Creator who loves you and wants you to know and love HIM! Your Super Need—that most important and real need in life and for eternity—is to know HIM!


We must learn to be content with what we have, yet not satisfied to remain where we are. We must continue to learn and grow deeper in our knowledge and understanding of life and good living. Death is a mutual enemy we all have. We must face it and learn to lay up treasure on the other side (see what Jesus said there in Matthew 6:19ff). We brought nothing into this world and it is certain that we will carry nothing physical out. We are to be content with basic food and clothing (see I Timothy 6:6-8). Scripture also says there that “godliness with contentment is great gain”! You can pursue happiness (and that is a Creator/GOD given inalienable right acknowledged in the United States Constitution), yet you will only find yourself to be more needy if you do not see Your Super Need—to know HIM! HE sacrificed HIMSELF for your sins. HE proved HIS love through the death, burial and resurrection of JESUS CHRIST! Do you know HIM as I do? What is Your Super Need? I know mine! 😉

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