Titanic Secrecy

There’s a dirty, little secret that will be the end of us…a secret that, if not exposed, will ruin us! This is a secret of such titanic importance that it led to the Titanic tragedy some 100 years ago when around 1,500 souls passed into eternity. This is a secret that led to the 04-16-07 tragedy, where 33 (not only 32) souls passed into eternity. Having just spent another day in special remembrance of that tragic event that has turned my own life upside down, and thinking of the centennial remembrance of the Titanic sinking, and learning of the growing scandal raging in relation to sins among the U.S. Secret service, I am led to writing today of this Titanic Secrecy!


Why do we so often deny the evil nature within each of us? It is there. You know it and I know it. This is not a secret! No matter how much good you seek to do, if you are honest with yourself, you will find this evil nature lurking within: a nature that is separated from GOD and self-focused; a nature, that if not controlled, will act out in hatred and even violence toward others; a nature, that if not defeated by a new nature, will lead to eternal death (a fate far worse than physical death). If we deny this sin and evil within, we deceive ourselves: “If we say that we have no sin [nature], we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us” (1 John 1:8). Indeed, this is a titanic issue!


I suppose that the greatest thought coming from my time of reflection on the Virginia Tech campus this past Monday (on the five year anniversary of that horrible tragedy), is how University officials and so many others in our tragedy torn community are still failing to completely heal and thus truly prevail. Complete healing (which doesn’t mean you won’t still know the pain) will be impossible until this secret is revealed; until there is an acknowledgement or admittance that human nature is indeed flawed. This is of titanic importance! Seung Hui-Cho was a flawed human being; so are we all. He was one of us and must be acknowledged! We may not allow ourselves to go so far down the wrong path as he did, yet we know that there is something evil within that could potentially take us there. It is the opposite of love. It is often expressed through anger. It is the secrecy that blinds us and breaks up our relationships. It is the bain of human nature. It is titanic in its influence. It is humanism—that belief system and life stance that denies the supernatural or religious thought and looks to human nature as ultimately good and of supreme importance. It permeates this community and education institutions around the world, supported through the foundational theory of evolution! It is an influence of titanic proportions, whispered about in secrecy.


Do you see what I am saying? Do you understand the titanic nature of this thing that we all seek to deny: this dirty, little secret that all honest people know is true—this thing we know as pride? If you doubt me here, just ask yourself where the ceremonies at Virginia Tech acknowledge GOD or acknowledge the evil that was embodied in what this shooter did. Is either being remembered, as we seek to heal? Why must we keep this a secret? Let your thoughts here come to The Light! It is the ONLY WAY to find true peace and healing! The only time the memorial services mention any supernatural thing is when the testimonials of those killed are read, where they speak about their love of GOD and even of Jesus. Do you see this? It is really not a secret; it only hovers about as if in secrecy. Why? People who seek to deny GOD His proper place and deny the evil within each of us are destined to NOT be healed. These people really do not think they are sick. They need no Great Physician (see Mark 2:16-17). These humanists (even if posing as religious leaders, such as the Scribes and Pharisees) will only look to their own physicians and psychologists for the healing, which reality teaches we all need. They will not fully look to their CREATOR—JESUS CHRIST.


Oh, friend, you cannot be healed and saved until you realize you are broken and lost! Do not let this truth live out as secrecy in your life. If you do, it will be a Titanic mistake!

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