I will, HE WILL, We will

Have you thought very much about the will? You have one. So do I. 😉 So does HE! So will We! Human will is on display every day. It started from early on when you, as a child, fresh from the safety and development of your mother’s womb, exerted your will as you were born out into this amazing world. Likely, your voice was even heard then! 🙂 Sure, you were more helpless then, yet you grew into what your parents probably said was a strong willed child. Your will likely led you to at least a brief time in which you chose to rebel against authorities in your life. Perhaps that is still where your will is now? Maybe your will is even now under the control of another’s will? Playing off my last article, where I discussed that “Titanic Secrecy” that we dare not ignore, I am writing again today to think further on this matter of the will.


“I will” are words that define who you are, whether consciously or not. They serve to reveal your choices and decisions. They indicate whether you are then foolish or wise. In time, they prove whether you can be trusted or not; whether you are a person of your word (you may wish to review my 06-06-09 article, “WORD!”). When you say, “I will,” you are making a statement that you do have a choice and that you have a desire to do a particular thing or see that something is done. The more commitment you have to do something and the more endurance you prove to have over time to see that something is done reveals the strength of your will. If you are simply demanding other people to do things that you want them to do or don’t want to do yourself, then you are not really strong in your will, you are just self-focused and self-willed. Your will does interact with other wills all the time and certain wills (strong or self-focused) do tend to dominate all that happens.


There is a Will that can always be trusted, and that when exerted, cannot be overcome! The Will of The CREATOR is One that none of us can control, though we can move or impact this Will! 😉 As The CREATOR, HE reserves the right to do with any of our wills and our bodies, whatever HE wants to do with them. Just as you have the say in whatever you may create, so your CREATOR has the say in what HE has made in you and who you are. Unlike the weaker “I will,” “HE WILL” is a certainty that can always be trusted, whenever HE communicates what HE WILL do. Often, we assume HE will do things that HE has not actually said or guaranteed that HE would. When HE has spoken and has had written down that “I WILL” in HIS Word (The Holy Bible), then we can rest assured that HE WILL and it will happen! Everything HE has said would happen in the past has happened as HE has said and there are still things HE has revealed that are yet to happen. We can rest assured that HE WILL be faithful to HIS Word and it will be as HE has revealed.


When any of us will to agree with what HE WILL do as HE has revealed, and not simply proclaim the “I will” we are naturally inclined to do, then “We will” be in a much better place personally (because HE has promised to be with us then) and collectively we can better see HIM work in this world and through our lives. This is essentially the submission that we all need to will to come to. The problem for Adam and Eve, as well as for each of us human beings, is that we often choose the “I will” over the “HE WILL” and so even any “we will” is not very effective because it goes against HIS will (c.f. Proverbs 11:21), which HE cannot support. We then lose the blessings we could have had and instead reap the reward we then deserve and the bleak place of being against and apart from HIS WILL! There are many who have acknowledged the CREATOR and what HE has done in entering HIS Creation in the Person of Jesus Christ. HE willed to sacrifice HIMSELF for our sinful wills to be able to be redeemed. Many having accepted HIM are still proclaiming their own wills and thus can find no true fellowship with their CREATOR, even though they have a relationship with HIM. Oh, friend, if you submit your “I will” to what “HE WILL” do and has done, then you can join the “We Will” that will truly prevail and even be victorious over death!

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