The State of The Union

Last month’s State of the Union address and the current political climate related to these automatic budget cuts (actually there are no real cuts, but reductions in budget increase), leads to the subject of my latest blog article today. The current religious scene in the Roman Catholic Church (deciding upon a new Pope) also lends itself to a discussion of Unity. What is the State of the Union of these United States? What is the state of Unity among religious bodies? These questions lead me to a discussion of Unity and what I have as the 8th Lesson to Learn in my “Top Ten Lessons To Learn” (see my book and the overview on pages 411-12 or see “Unify Diversity” in the Top Ten Lessons tab above).


Why can’t we have more agreement on issues that divide us? Each of us is a uniquely created individual with genetic and environmental differences from all others around us. You have a unique DNA sequence and a unique fingerprint and eye pattern from all others around you! There are those similarities, however, which unite us as human beings and illustrate our common ancestry and origin. If Evolution (as an explanation of the origin of species, as Charles Darwin put it) were true, there could be no real unity or certainty in any human or other discovery. Certainly, there is great diversity (the only sense in which evolution or what might be called “micro evolution” is true). We disagree on various issues because we each are different people with different tastes and perspectives. The only way for any individuals to find common unity is to agree on certain particulars in any interaction that they may have. When we come to agree on what is true (that which is coherent and corresponds to reality), then we can be unified in that endeavor. The state of that union would be solid and strong.


If everything is in flux and truth is changing (as evolution teaches), then we have little hope of ever accomplishing much together and advancing in any field of study. We could not be certain or learn very much and build upon any foundational truths. Reality teaches us that this is not the case. There are laws in Nature that do not change. There are things that we can count on happening every year as Creation cycles in the various seasons, and so we can build upon those certainties. Sadly, most of our colleges and universities are not very unified (or at least consistently so), because most of academia has bought into a theory of evolution and applied it in all areas of knowledge. As I have noted elsewhere and as I was saying in the immediate aftermath of 04-16-07, I believe that this is why GOD allowed (not “caused”) “the worst shooting massacre in U.S. History” to occur on the campus of Virginia Tech. This is where the “Father of the Modern Creation Movement” (Dr. Henry Morris) was working and teaching, before he was ostracized after co-authoring that breakthrough book—The Genesis Flood. Unity is not a problem when we agree upon what reality teaches us and what GOD has revealed as authoritative in His Holy Word. The Bible is relevant in any culture and does not change!


Friend, I do not know what your belief system is or how unified you are with anyone else around you. Our hope of Unity in any relationship will not be found through any man or religious leader, such as a Pope. The United States will only be unified as we should be, when we get back to the principles of The Book that is even foundational to our very Constitution. The state of your own unity with anyone else will only be as it should when you also agree upon these Truths. The State of your personal unity with The Creator must come first and this is only possible when you come to accept the Creator (The Eternal Word—John 1:1ff), Who became your Savior from the penalty and curse of sin. The State of any Union will only be as good as those involved decide to agree upon Truth. I trust the State of your Union with GOD, as HE has revealed HIMSELF is strong. I trust that you come to know and follow JESUS CHRIST!!

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