Gun Control or GOD Control?

One of the hottest topics in this Country today and one that will likely be discussed for months to come is the issue of Gun Control. This subject may particularly be in the minds of those in this Blacksburg community, as we approach the 6th Anniversary of that most horrific 04-16-07 VT Tragedy! What can be done to help prevent so many of these terrible shootings that continue to plague our schools and colleges and other areas of the society? Do we need more laws to help prevent the use of certain high power guns and greater rounds of ammunition? Do we need more laws to keep certain people (such as those with a history of mental health difficulty) from acquiring guns or any such weapon? Well, these are the questions out there and where the debate is focused in what Government can do to control the problem and help prevent these shootings. While it does seem obvious that there are laws needing to be strengthened, or at least enforced, is there not some greater issue begging to be discussed? I submit that the deeper and more important issue is not some greater Gun Control; it is a greater GOD Control!


The 12-14-12 Sandy Hook Elementary shooting massacre is the catalyst bringing this subject to the forefront. In light of this shooting, Connecticut lawmakers just last week passed what is being called “the strongest and most comprehensive gun legislation in the nation.” Indeed, there should be an emotional and active community response to such a horrific tragedy! You may even wish to reference my 01-14-13 Blog: “Gunned Down.” The danger, however, after any such tragedy, is in allowing the emotion of such a horrific thing to blind you to the daily realities and the lessons of history, leading to an overreaction. When you are impacted by some tragic event, you must get the right perspective to keep from being controlled by the tragedy and reacting too far the other way. These tragic events should get our attention, though, and stir us to proper action! The proper action is only possible when we get our perspective in line with the Creator and His Creation.


As the saying goes and as I referenced in that “Gunned Down” article, “guns do not kill people; people kill people.” A gun has to be under the control of a person to be fired and injure another. So, it is quite logical to see that the debate should be about more than just the guns themselves. The greater issue has to do with the people who might fire the guns. None of us believes that all guns will be banned. The right to bear arms is the second and long standing amendment to our Constitution. Yes, someone intent to hurt and kill can do more harm with higher power weapons and greater rounds of ammunition. Greater control there could indeed prevent greater damage. Even so, some people are still going to take guns and try to hurt and kill others. Should not the greater emphasis and concern be on helping the people who might wrongly use any guns? What could each of us do to help those around us?


While we do need better legislation to close the legal loopholes that some are wrongly using, a more important emphasis should be on getting people to be more in tune with their Creator. Our government should not seek to legislate adherence to any particular religious system, but officials can and should encourage more emphasis upon GOD controlling things and not guns or even the people carrying guns. We need more GOD Control—having HIM in Control of people—and not so much more gun control. Government officials as well as many people and organizations in our society could help here! The T.V. and Movie industry could certainly do more here again too!! We need a REVIVAL in our churches and homes, spreading into many aspects of our society!!! Greater gun control is not the best answer—it is more of the society and more individuals letting GOD control them and helping others to see why this is the way we all should live! GOD will not force Himself on us, as some people try to do with guns. HE will, however, hold us all accountable and bring every work into judgment (Ecclesiastes 12:14)!

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