The Right to Privacy?

As we consider the 237th anniversary of the Independence of America, we cannot help but consider one of the greatest concerns in the Country today—“The Right to Privacy.” Do we actually have a right to talk to whom we want and when we want? Do we have the right to go where we want whenever we want? Liberty does have some limitation, even by definition (as there must be a way to explain what it is not), but is it really liberty to have the government or someone else pry into our phone records or monitor where we go? Most Americans are concerned about the revelation that government officials have been looking at thousands of private phone and email records and even the IRS targeting conservative organizations. Are there people monitoring every purchase we make, every place that we go and every conversation we have with others? Should they be? Do we actually have The Right to Privacy?


What does it even mean to have privacy? Unless you are completely secluded and away from any contact with other people or usage of technology (not the case if you are even reading this article 🙂 ), your life is not entirely private. People around you do watch you (and even judge you) and sometimes do so to an extent that makes you uncomfortable. Most of us are part of some family unit and even have to work at a job where we have regular contact with others. Certainly, each of us has some private times when we are all alone, but as social creatures, this typically does not last long and we usually have closer interaction with at least a few people. To that extent, we do not have privacy. Privacy is being apart from company or observation and most do not like to be all alone for very long.


The fact is, though, that we are alone when it comes to our thoughts. Only we and GOD know everything that we think and others do only to the extent that we let them know. This private world of the mind is ultimately where you live and where you make the choices that impact your life and the lives of those around you. Being as busy as most of us seem to be these days makes it hard to maintain any real privacy, even in our minds. We fill our minds with the thoughts of others when we are around them or when we listen to them or watch them. Even when watching Television alone, we are still not completely private, as those thoughts and ideas go into our minds. The so called private world of the mind, though, is where you find GOD and meet with HIM. GOD is the Ultimate Observer and nothing is really hidden or private from HIM, though HE will not force HIMSELF on you.


We do want to have freedom of thought and belief and we do not want any government official intruding into our lives. This sense of privacy is supported in our United States Constitution, even though there is no express “Right to Privacy” given there. We are an independent minded people and do not want others trying to mess with or control our lives, especially in those areas we consider more private. We must remember, though, that spiritually, there is no “Right to Privacy.” There is The SOVEREIGN, CREATOR GOD WHO knows and sees ALL! Hebrews 4:13 proclaims, “And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.” Scripture teaches that this accounting will be between you and GOD, though no doubt, others will see the results.


So, while there is no ultimate “Right to Privacy” that anyone has, there is the reality of the privacy in your mind between you and GOD. Others may or may not want to know you, but HE wants you to know HIM and HIS plan of Salvation through the Person of JESUS CHRIST. JESUS paid the penalty for sin when HE died on the cross and proved HIS Deity in Rising from the dead. HE longs for a more intimate relationship with you! HE does not want you to try to act private from HIM!!

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