Sincerely Wrong!

Amidst the backdrop of a U.S. National crossroad, where millions watched the testimony of an apparently sincere accuser and the emotionally charged defense of a beleaguered Supreme Court nominee, comes the subject of my latest thinking, leading to another blog entry:  Sincerely Wrong!  What does it mean to be sincere?  Is sincerity just an emotion that should be equated with truth?  For that matter, is truth equated with what is right?  Is there such a thing as wrong?  Can we even know what is true or right and what is false or wrong?   I do not give in to the absurdity of relativism, that so many entertain and even practice today!  The lunacy of evolution (not in the sense of change, but of origin) is what justifies the absurdity of relativism, and the preponderance of that teaching is what explains the relativistic thinking of many today.  There are things that are right and there are things that are wrong, and all parties in this current historical moment agree and are arguing on this premise, though they may disagree as to exactly what is right and what is wrong.  But, what of sinceritySincerity does lend itself to credibility, and that is what many here are saying about both the accuser and the defendant!  But, what if two sincere people give opposing accounts of a particular scenario?  Both may be sincere, and both may even appear credible, but both cannot be right (particularly if they are saying opposite things).  Given this basic logic, it is indeed possible to be both sincere and wrong!

Is it “her truth” vs. “his truth” or “my truth” vs. “your truth?”  If my “truth” contradicts your “truth,” then can both be true?  Certainly not!  Truth is akin to reality—a simple accounting of what is happening or what has happened.   Reality cannot change, for it is the moments in time that we live, though we do operate within it and we can change aspects of what happens.  What we cannot change is what has happened in the past, though we may argue about what it was exactly like.  When we try to understand the past, we may agree, or we may disagree.  We may even try to rewrite it from our understanding in the present and we may even get it completely wrong, no matter how sincere we are!  Facts are facts, and though we may seek to deny or even redefine them, they are established in the past; they do not change (only our understanding or acceptance of them changes).  Truth is truth and right is right.  Anything not true or right is thus wrong.  Certainly, as experience teaches, we can be sincerely wrong about something happening in the present, and even more, about what has happened in the past.

Is sincerity so important or so real that it equals or even exceeds truth?  History is established, and it is our job and our duty to search for and find out what is not merely sincere, but what is true in the present and what was true in the past, so we can learn from it and build upon it, not repeating mistakes.  If this is not so, then what else could be presented that we should live for?  Our human ego is frail, and our memories often lapse or fade.  Our accomplishments do not ultimately satisfy.  Our sincerity often falls short.  Even though we may have experienced a lot or accomplished much and though we may be genuinely sincere, we cannot justly deny what is true in the present or redefine or project into the past.  You may sincerely or even ignorantly do this, but it is still wrong!

There is an even greater truth that many are sincerely searching for—what is spiritually true!  Spiritual truth is unseen truth, yet it is truth none the less, rooted in history and often realized in present reality.  While there are some charlatans around, there are also many sincere religious people, but many that are sincerely wrong!  See 😉 that GOD has revealed HIMSELF through HIS Creation, through HIS Covenants (The Bible) and through the historical Person of Jesus Christ!   Acknowledge HIM and receive forgiveness for your sins to know this TRUE ONE!  If not, you will be lost for eternity, no matter how sincere and good you may have been! Then, my friend, you would be forever lost and sincerely wrong!

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