Love it!  Hate It!!  Love to see it!  Inappropriate dancing!!  Fantastic performance!  Obscene!!  These are just some of the comments following the controversial 2020 Superbowl halftime show that everyone knows was very sexually charged and even seductive!  Outperforming the actual Superbowl game by at least a million people, Fox reports that the halftime show reached 103 million viewers!  As of the writing of this article, the seductive full performance of the halftime show has been additionally viewed nearly 125 million times on YouTube!  Why such interest?  Did you watch it?  Do you like it?  Do you Love The Superbowl Seduction?!?  


Did you know that the Superbowl game, as with any other major sporting event, becomes a magnet for sexual and other human trafficking?  While there may not be a direct cause and effect to the game itself, the sheer amount of people surrounding an event like the Superbowl, lends itself to those who care so little about life that they enslave others into forced labor and specially push young girls and women into prostitution!  While we don’t yet know all that may have happened in Miami during this year’s Superbowl, we know that the FBI reported 169 sexual/human trafficking arrests in the days surrounding last year’s Superbowl in Atlanta.  While Shakira and Jennifer Lopez would likely cry out against any such crime, wouldn’t they be guilty of seducing so many and even contributing to these crimes through their erotic performance?


Watching some of the background behind their performance, you can see how long and hard they trained for this.  Hundreds and even thousands of people helped in choreographing and planning all the moves, dances and atmosphere that encompassed this salacious and seductive show. Stripper poles and ropes and booty shakes and provocative sexual gyrations, along with plenty of crotch grabbing, mesmerized all those watching.  With millions glued to the screen, many (including plenty of children watching the game) experienced the scantily clad dancers in what was more of a pornographic taste of what a nightclub or strip club would be like!  Children were even brought into the show and symbolically caged at one point to represent some political statement about past separations at the southern U.S. border.  Empowering or really enslaving?  What message is being taught to these children, performing in this sexually seductive show?!


Friend, GOD created the human body—not for us to worship it, but for us to worship HIM!  HE made us male and female.  HE designed us to have pleasure with sexuality!  HE made it so that through the miraculous, genetic contribution of the male and female, a new body and soul would come about!!  HE commanded Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply and to fill and subdue the earth (Genesis 1:28)!  GOD created SEX!!!  Sex is not the original sin!  Sir, “REJOICE with the wife of your youth”—LOVE your wife and make that Eros with her (meaning, you FULLY ENJOY Sex in marriage and stay committed to your spouse) and “let her breasts alone always satisfy you (Proverbs 5:18-19)!  Ma’am, honor GOD and your husband with your body—DON’T let this Beautiful expression be publically spread abroad (Proverbs 5:16-17)!!  We dare not pervert what GOD Created and intended for PLEASURE when practiced HIS way!!!  Learn from the experienced wisdom and even the mistakes of Solomon (Proverbs 5:14) If you don’t learn from that, consider the consequences of sexual infidelity from the “Me Too” movement! Don’t be Seduced by immorality!  Be warned from Proverbs 5 and understand that sexual sin is sin you commit against your own body, as well as any other body you immorally involve (I Corinthians 6:18)! Realize GOD will give you up to perversion if you choose it (Romans 1:18-32—see the 3 stages of this in verses 24, 26 and 28)! Remember HE will bring every work into HIS Righteous Judgment (verse 32)!!


LOVE GOD’S WAY!!!  Don’t Love The Superbowl Seduction!!!

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