CORONAVIRUS!  SARS-CoV-2!!  COVID-19!!!  What do we know?  What are we learning?  What can we learn for the future?  On my Lessons To Learn Website ( and in my 233+ Blog articles, I seek to bring truth and The Truth to the table of our thinking and to help as many as will, to learn to prevail in this life and even more importantly, for eternity!  The current climate in this Country and even around the world, has driven me to research and study this subject more and to write this specific blog article.  Despite all the attention, opinions, and information out there on this novel coronavirus, I have found that there is much ignorance, overreaction, and even misinformation about what this novel coronavirus is and what danger there is to human beings.  Living in the United States, where there have been new responses and new reactions that have escalated to the separation of many people, especially demands I take time to respond to this novel coronavirus threat and the separation it is bringing!  Here and abroad, this is leading to a NOVEL VIRAL SEPARATION!!


When something is novel, it is new.  That is the case with this virus, hence that official name for it.  So far as we know, it is new to human beings (but not necessarily animals) and has even been quite contagious and somewhat lethal (primarily for those over 80), which is why there has been such an aggressive response thus far (especially by an older leadership 😉).  The response, in fact, has ironically even gone viral (a term we use when something, like this response, has spread so quickly and even broadly).  The effect has been and is a growing separation:  those infected, from most others (rightly so); fans from their sports; students from their schools; individuals from their jobs; voters from their primaries; groups from their gatherings; and even church members from their gathering together with each other.  Where will it end?  If we are consistent in our safety applications, it will lead to total immobilization, isolation, or even lockdown (as Italy and even Spain are doing at this writing) and then to an ensuing greater panic and disruption in the supply chain of products and services, until there is utter chaos and self-seeking survival!  At what point will people stop cowering to uncertainties and fears (that are not even as statistically dangerous as other things, like the regular flu virus, other leading causes of death, or even imminent natural disasters) and live their lives in a more normal way again?  This is a far greater separation from regular activity than I have ever seen or heard about!  This is a Novel Viral Separation!!


It is good that many are becoming more conscious of good hygiene and cleaning or disinfecting more, as we really normally should!  It will be good if people do learn to be more compassionate and be more considerate for others!  I trust we will not let the separation go on and so far for much longer, especially with this new or novel virus!  One danger is that many will soon see that this is not as bad as most have feared (true for most fear and worry) and not be as careful as they should when there is an even more serious situation.  How many more are not now evacuating from imminent natural disasters, just because past dangers turned out to be less than predicted?!  Could it be like, “The boy who cried “wolf!”?  Time will tell, but please do take time to not simply be more sarcastic about any toilet paper or other shortage and be newly educated and look at the more trusted websites (like the CDC and the facts and frequently asked questions about this virus)!!


Friend, the bad news is that we all are infected with a far more dangerous virus of sorts that has led to 100% infections and a 100% mortality rate (not an average so far of 3.4% worldwide mortality rate, as reported by the WHO, for COVID-19, varying by demographic).  This “virus” called SIN is worse than reports from all of the other major pandemic viruses in the past 50 years+, which also only infect limited people (Eboli: 33,577 cases with 40.4% fatality; Nipah: 513 cases with 77.6% fatality; SARS: 8,096 cases with 9.6% fatality; and MERS: 2,494 cases with 34.4% fatality)!  This “virus” leading to all diseases and death, will lead to an ultimate separation from our Thrice Holy GOD!!  The only ultimate cure and earthly power over this 100% lethal “virus” is through trusting in the blood sacrifice of The Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ, who was Crucified, Buried and Rose Again to save us from our completely lost condition!!! Do not give in to fear with the coronavirus or the Novel Viral Separation it is bringing, but especially DO NOT DELAY in RECEIVING THE SIN CURE by simple faith in the sacrifice of JESUS CHRIST!! 😊

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